What Is Reality

What is reality

When we look at Questions with a big Q, the question, "what is reality" is probably the first one that pops up in mind. It's probably the one question that most of us have been asking, in one way or another.

From the skeptics point of view, we're probably talking about the pain we feel when we fall of our motorcycle. Or something similar. But is that reality, or is reality something completely different.

Reality Transurfing 1: The Space of Variations

Vadim Zelands book, Reality Transurfing 1: The Space of Variations, has been compared to Rhonda Byrnes The Secret, something that is both right and wrong. Being called, the Russian version of the Secret, this book goes way beyond Rhonda Byrne as well as predating it by a year.

The Spoon, The Matrix and The Illusion

There is no spoon

One of the things that regularly pops up in my head, is the scene in the film The Matrix, when Neo is waiting for the Oracle. He encounters a little boy that bends spoons with his mind. This of course arouses the curiosity of Neo who wonders how the boy manages to bend the spoon. The boy replies simply with the remark;

The End Of The World 2010 Doomsday Prophecy

End Of The World 2010 Doomsday Prophecy

There is an increasing awareness of something called the end of the world 2012 doomsday prophecy. This is not surprising as we are getting closer to the year 2012. But what is this doomsday prophecy and were does it originate from.

It's common to most religions, some sort of cataclysm. In the Bible it's the book of Revelations and in the old Norse religion it's called Ragnarök. Other religions have them, the differ only in the form.

James Allen

James Allen 1864 - 1912

James Allen (November 28 1864 - 1912) was a philosophical writer born in Leicester England. He was born into a working class family where his mother could neither read or write and where his father, William, was a factory knitter. Following a downturn in the textile trade in 1879, his father went alone to America to find work with the rest of the family to follow later. Within two days of his arrival, he was declared dead at the New York City Hospital, believed to have been a victim of robbery and murder.

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