A Self-Help Guide Towards True Wealth

The purpose of this site is to be a self-help guide for individuals looking for a happier and a more fulfilling life. A self-help guide towards a wealthier life.

The irony of modern life is that with more and more automation, prosperity and more ways to communicate, individuals are becoming more and more isolated in society. The duress and worries are growing ever more and an increasing amount of people are not coping with the pressure.

We believe that the main reason for this is man made and as such can be solved by any human really focused on solving the issues at hand. We believe the solution is more related to how we think and behave, than any physical reason or a “beyond any human means to solve” reason.

Most of our worries are based on fear and fear has its base inside each individual person. As a self-help guide, this site will focus on working with the individual so that he can find the means and ideas that he needs to work on his character, strengthening his inner person.

A self-help guide

A self-help guide, is as the name suggests, a guide for individuals to help them self. This site will work towards providing the visitor with the materials needed to help him better himself and show him ways to reach a balanced state of mind.

For most people thinking is something one should try to do as often as possible, but what if that was maybe not the right thing to do all of the time. Quite often conscious thinking can do more damage than good, something most people find difficult to relate to. Quite often we do not have time to think and this is when we use what has been called the subconscious.

The subconscious mind is something we quite often take for granted and don’t realize that it has to be programmed for it to work properly. A badly programmed subconscious mind can do a lot of damage.

We will be promoting material that works toward programming your subconscious mind in a positive and constructive way. A well programmed mind will build you up, as strongly as a badly programmed mind will destroy you.


Thousand people can work on helping a single person, but so long as that person is not ready to be helped, all the work will be for nothing. No one can be helped unless he’s willing to help himself. The idea behind the self-help work is based on this idea.

When a person has decided that it’s time to change and make something better out of him, that person most often has to go through difficult times “finding” himself. This search can be a painful road to take, but it’s a necessary road to take.

The search can only be performed by each individual, but the trip does not have to be taken alone. Each and everyone will have to do the work himself, but this site will work on guiding him in his work and pointing him towards material and ways as well as supporting him when he’s in need of it.

You are in control, we are here to help and guide.