The End Of The World 2010 Doomsday Prophecy

End Of The World 2010 Doomsday Prophecy

There is an increasing awareness of something called the end of the world 2012 doomsday prophecy. This is not surprising as we are getting closer to the year 2012. But what is this doomsday prophecy and were does it originate from.

It's common to most religions, some sort of cataclysm. In the Bible it's the book of Revelations and in the old Norse religion it's called Ragnarök. Other religions have them, the differ only in the form.

The Trinity of Man

Wallace D. Wattles writes the following in the first chapter “The Right To Be Rich” of his book, The Science of Getting Rich.

The Soul

When we die, our body and mind are gone, but the soul continues its existence. For that reason its difficult to understand why the soul is probably the one of the three elements of man, that gets the least attention by most of us.

We seem to focus our attention on the body, something that crystallizes in the body worship that’s so evident in modern society. The emphasis on the “perfect” body has gone much further than can be explained in relation to normal fitness and health.

The Mind

The world is a wonderful place and our mind is the way for us to enjoy it. Contrary to what many believe, life is not difficult by default. It’s a thing to be enjoyed and the mind is our tool to do so. Taking care of the mind is therefore a fundamental thing in everyone’s work towards a happier and more fulfilling life.

As the mind is our way to experience life, it’s also the way for us to express our self to life. The mind is therefore a multipurpose tool. But it’s also the guardian of our subconscious and as such a fundamental tool for the betterment of our life.

The Body

The body is what makes it possible for us to experience our life here on earth. It’s therefore fundamental that we take care of our body, or at least show it the respect that it deserves.

Each and every one of us is made up of three different, but still connected aspects. The body, mind and soul. These three aspects are all equally important, one not being more important than the other.

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