The Body

The body is what makes it possible for us to experience our life here on earth. It’s therefore fundamental that we take care of our body, or at least show it the respect that it deserves.

Each and every one of us is made up of three different, but still connected aspects. The body, mind and soul. These three aspects are all equally important, one not being more important than the other.

Here we will be looking at the body and how we can take care of it, without overdoing it. The mind and soul will be covered in separate articles.

The body work

The body is the vehicle that we use to communicate with others, move around and do all the things we’re interested in here on earth. This vehicle is like any other vehicle, it needs to be taken care of.

Though it’s fragile in many ways, it does not mean that we have to treat it like crystal and keep it in cotton the major part of it’s life. Life is to be enjoyed and our body is our way of doing so.

Of these three, the body is probably the one we spend the most time taking care of. We all experience or even partake in things like workouts, diets and body fashion. Though we all mean well, we quite often go over the line.

While we have to take care of the body, we have to remember that the body is our way of experiencing and enjoying life. So overdoing things is equally negative as doing too little.

The magical word, when it comes to the running of our body, is moderation. We have to keep in mind that moderation gives us the best overall experience of life. What matters most is that we maintain good health and a pleasantly working body.

The trinity of a healthy body

There are three basic things that we need to keep in mind when it comes to maintaining a healthy body. Food, physics and health.


Food is probably the most important thing to watch out for. Food is necessary to keep us alive, but it’s equally dangerous for us in the wrong quantities.

Fat food is something we’re being told is bad for our health. True to a point, fat food in extreme quantities can severely damage our blood circulation and stop the working of the heart. But that does not mean we can not eat fat food, we just have to eat it in moderation.

The increase of overweight individuals is an example of how people are not handling the consumption of food. This problem can be related to the way we approach food. We eat too much, too quickly and of too bad quality.

The body is a delicate machine when it comes to eating. Done correctly, the body goes through different stages in the digestion. By respecting them, we can eliminate a large amount of the individuals that fight their weight.

It has been quite popular now for some years, to go to extremes when it comes to eating. Most of us realize, at some point, that we are not doing it the right way. Weight being the major concern.

To handle this, we tend to go on diets for short intervals until the desired weight has been reached. Then we go back to bad eating and we need to find another way of dieting to get rid of the excess weight.

Most of the time the diet we go through is not good for us, both in extreme eating conditions and over believe in magic solutions, being in the form of the All-You-Need nutritional powder and vitamins mix. Other forms of diets require the user to eliminate various elements of natural nutrition from a balanced diet.

There is one thing most of dieters experience and that is the fact that quicker the results are made, the quicker the person falls back to the old over weight conditions when the diet has ended.

What most of us have to realize is that maintaining the ideal weight condition is a long run, not a sprint. We can get all our nutritional needs delivered through normal food. There are only few things we have to keep in mind.

First, don’t eat like it’s your last supper. Moderate portions are one of the most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to eating.

Second, eat diversified food. Take care to balance the amount of proteins, vitamins and carbon. You also have to take care not to eat bad food, think about what you’re eating.

Thirdly, and not the least important of these three, eat slowly. You know how you feel when you’re pressed at work. When you have to do everything at the same time. You get stressed and you do your work badly. The same goes for digestion. Slow down and enjoy.

Eating can be one of the most enjoyable things we do in life. There is no reason why it should not stay that way.


Food is the fuel for the body. It gives the body its energy and building material for the muscles. But with age, the body processes the food differently and someone that has been quite good at burning the calories when young, might be having difficulties with age. It’s therefore necessary for everyone to train the body at the same time food consumption is changed with the change in burning.

But what kind of workout is necessary. With age, the body slows down and the exercise needs to take that into consideration. A person that has been active in training, can maintain a stiff training program with age. But someone, like most of us, that has not been active training, will have to show moderation in the training.

For most people 35 to 40 and older, a brisk walk for one hour can be quite good. Most people don’t need much more. Swimming and bicycling can also be good to maintain the burning of excess calories. Using the stairs instead of taking the elevator is an exercise that does not cost anything, but gives good results.

Walking to the shops, holding the shopping bags, walking the stairs, is a good exercise and is something we have to do several times a week. Sometimes we don’t need a lot to keep us in form.

These things are something we can integrate into our everyday life. Then there are things that we can do apart from our everyday routine. We can go to the gym, swim and play golf. We can jog in the park, hike in the mountains or do martial arts. We can make it “our time”, a break from the monotonous routines of modern life.

It’s not what we do, but that we do it. A well trained body will only enhance our experience of life. But through all this, remember moderation.


It’s not a coincidence that this part is the last of the three. An unhealthy body can destroy our experience of life, as much as a healthy one enhances it.

But to maintain a good healthy body we need to take care of what and how we eat and that the body is in good physical shape. But that is not enough, we need to take care to protect it from unhealthy conditions.

This we can do by taking care of our environment, the nutrition and exercise. Then what if we get sick, what then.

Lately, we’ve been taken from natural remedies to medical caretaking of professionals and producers of pharmaceuticals. When it comes to minor sicknesses, we tend to run too quickly to quick fixes and pills, instead of looking into the natural possibilities that we have at hand. There are herbs and remedies that work equally well as pharmaceutical remedies, with the benefit of less side effects.

Of course there are moments when the sickness we have contracted, is too heavy for simple remedies and it’s necessary to seek professional help. But no one should dismiss alternative remedies. When we get sick we should be open to all possibilities that can work towards a better health.

But though we can never be sure to eliminate the possibilities of a serious sickness, we can do several things to diminish the possibilities. We can have regular checkups, maintain a strong body and listen to it when it sends us the signals indicating that something should be checked out.

Quite often we ignore the signals the body is sending, most of the time because we believe we’re too busy to react to it. The truth is, we can’t afford not to react to the signals.

We only got one body in this lifetime and we need to see to it that it lasts as long as it takes for us to make the most of our experience on earth.

To be able to enjoy life, we need a body that can coincide with our mind and soul. To make a perfect trinity.