The Mind

The world is a wonderful place and our mind is the way for us to enjoy it. Contrary to what many believe, life is not difficult by default. It’s a thing to be enjoyed and the mind is our tool to do so. Taking care of the mind is therefore a fundamental thing in everyone’s work towards a happier and more fulfilling life.

As the mind is our way to experience life, it’s also the way for us to express our self to life. The mind is therefore a multipurpose tool. But it’s also the guardian of our subconscious and as such a fundamental tool for the betterment of our life.

We need to nurture our mind through our lifetime and the best way to do that is by enjoying the beauties of life. We need to read good books, visit beautiful places and interact with interesting people. All this feeds the mind and enhances our experience in life.

The mind and the enjoyment of life.

Our strongest feelings in life come to us through our thinking and emotional experience of life. To enhance our feelings and help us experience life, we need to cultivate our mind.

We do so by moving it to another plateau, to a higher plan. By taking time to enjoy the finer things in life. There are those that believe that it’s never the right time to enjoy a good book, going to museums or theaters. It’s never enough time either.

These individual might be considered right in their way of thinking, you can always find something that is considered “more productive” to do. But when you look back on your life, what is it that really matters. Your productivity or your enjoyment.

By taking a pause once in a while to admire the view, enjoy a beautiful sunset or listen quietly to a calming music, you will realize that there is more to life than running.

By feeding the mind with beauty, the mind will begin to relax and calm down, followed a more calmer life for the individual. With calmer attitude towards life, comes the serenity of knowing that things will work out fine.

The mind in motion

One of the biggest influence the mind has on the individual, is controlling his emotions. The mind controls our emotions and can move us through the emotional scale with a blink of an eye. The mind controls if we dare or don’t, love or hate. It’s the one that can make or brake our future.

One of the biggest emotion the mind can produce, the one that is probably the single most influential emotion we have as humans, is fear.

Roosevelt said that “there is nothing to fear but fear it self” and that is true when it comes to our emotions. We usually don’t fear the result of what we do, but more if we can or can’t do what we need to do. A person that wants to jump over a gully, is not afraid of what happens when he falls on the ground, he’s afraid if he can cross or not. After the first successful jump, the person will jump without fear any time. The person is not afraid, it knows it can jump the gully.

The one who knows that he can succeed is not afraid, he will just continue until he’s satisfied with his place in life.

The fear of the unknown

Usually the individuals are not afraid of what they know, but rather what they don’t know. That’s why the person jumping the gully is no longer afraid, when it knows that the gully can be crossed.

Following the failing of the banking system in 2008, people were afraid of what might happen. They were afraid because they didn’t know what would happen, even the next day. If you know what will happen, you begin to react to it and thus work towards a solution.

We have been programmed to believe that we need to know everything in advance, that way we will be prepared to handle any situation. When we encounter a situation where we don’t know what will happen, we encounter fear.

By accepting the fact that we can not know everything in advance, we begin to diminish the fear that we encounter. Too many people tend to solve “problems” before they arise. Thus spending time on solving things that might, and most likely will not happen.

By using the mind to program our subconscious with the reassurance that we are not afraid of the unknown, that things will work out to our benefit at the end, we will manage to decrease fear to a point where it’s not controlling our life any more.

The mind tranquil

The importance of calming the mind can never be emphasized enough. An individual that controls his mind, his temper, is sending the signal that he can handle any situation he encounters. The fact is that this individual actually does, handle any situation he encounters.

There are different views toward the importance of meditation. Some claim that the time spent meditating is better spent doing something “productive”, while others believe that meditating prepares the individual to handle any situation that he might encounter.

Meditation is often thought of in connection with eastern religious practices and not without reason, as the eastern religious practices focus on meditating and the control of the mind. But meditation is not just an eastern “thing”, it’s present in most religious practices. The prayer is for example a form of meditation, where the individual focuses his mind. Meditation and prayer are of the same origin.

Practicing meditation does not have to be done in relation to specific religious practices. Meditation in its simplest form, is done by taking ones time, relaxing and focusing on nothing. Its main purpose is to train the individual to control his thoughts.

By taking care of our mind, we become the masters of our life. The way we’re supposed to.