The Soul

When we die, our body and mind are gone, but the soul continues its existence. For that reason its difficult to understand why the soul is probably the one of the three elements of man, that gets the least attention by most of us.

We seem to focus our attention on the body, something that crystallizes in the body worship that’s so evident in modern society. The emphasis on the “perfect” body has gone much further than can be explained in relation to normal fitness and health.

Though not as much, the mind is also being nurtured in modern society and maybe rightly so. The mind is, after all, the controller of our body and guardian of our soul. So it should be taken care of.

The soul, on the other hand, seems to have been left out in the cold. Apart from the fact that there are numerous individuals and religious groups that don’t recognize the existence of the soul, the ones that do recognize it seem to take little care of it.

The soul is what makes us part of God, without us being godly by our self. As the branch is unquestionably a part of the tree, the branch is never a tree in it self. As such, we are part of God, but we are not our self gods.

What is the soul

The soul, sometimes called the spirit of man, is our connection to the spiritual being that is God, the omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient force. God being in all and all being in God. By taking care of the soul, we maintain our connection, making it possible for us to get the maximum out of life.

The soul is in part what most of us call the subconscious, the way to think with out thinking, knowing without knowing. The subconscious can be programmed and we use the mind to do so.

The soul will give us what we ask of it, but most people have a problem asking the right questions. We actually have a big tendency to ask for the wrong thing at the wrong time.

We use our mind to communicate with our soul and as such, the mind is a certain gate keeper for the soul. If we let the soul be contaminated with bad thought or bad impressions, the result will be devastating for the individual. Using our mind to filter the way we stimulate our soul, we strengthen it in working for our best interest.

Emotions play a big part in how we communicate with our soul. An individual that has problems with his emotions can easily send the wrong signals and by so doing, get the opposite to what he thinks he wants.

The soul will see to it that we get everything that we tell it we want. Sending the right message being of fundamental importance.

Communicating with the soul

We communicate with the soul through the use of our subconscious by using our mind to form the images we want to present to our subconscious and as such, our soul.

There are various ways to do this, but meditating on a regular basis and keeping a clear mind is probably the best way to do so.

The error most people do, is to program the soul in the wrong way. Of course this is not done on purpose in a conscious way. But rather because people have no idea what they’re doing and how they can correct the wrong programming that has already occurred.

Every day, all the time, we use our mind to send information to our soul. What we include in this information package will control the way our soul works.

By focusing on bad feelings, negative attitudes and hard living conditions, we will be setting up our environment in a way that it will work against us in stead of for us.

The universal conscious will give us all that we ask of it and our soul is our way to communicate it. But the wrong signals and the wrong programming of the soul will send the wrong messages and produce a result that we wont like.

Every little detail around us will program the soul and by placing the right stimulus around us, we will strengthen our soul and make it better at getting us what we truly want.