True Wealth

True wealth is something most of us seek, but few of us really know what is. True wealth does include money, for those who wondered. But money is only one ingredient and not even a major one at that.

Then what is true wealth and how do we acquire it? The answer is not difficult, but it's an answer that many people find difficult to accept. The answer does not include a bunch of money. The money factor in true wealth is only minimal in the complete picture.

To be able to see the full picture and thus realize what true wealth is, you have to know few things before.

The trinity of man

Every man is made up of three main concepts and each concept is of equal importance. You can not focus on one or two parts and then let the rest unattended to.

Wallace D. Wattles mentions these three concepts in The Science of Getting Rich and points out correctly, that one is no more important than the other.

The three things every individual has to take care of is the body, mind and soul. The trinity that forms the individual. An individual that does not give equal attendance to all three of them, is holding back on his potential.

A person that holds back on his potential will never acquire true wealth.

Why seek true wealth

Happiness is the result of true wealth and thus we have the importance of true wealth. Without the realization of true wealth, no person can be truly happy. Of course true wealth is not the only ingredient, but it is one that most people perhaps misunderstand the most.

For many individuals, seeking wealth consists of collecting as much money as possible, letting other things in life slip by. This focus on monetary issues, has diffused the real purpose of gaining money. Money is not something that people should keep, but on the contrary, it’s something people should use. Money should never be the goal in it self, but the means to the goal. A tool.

A person can be wealthy when it comes to finance, but be poor when it comes to health or quality of life. Of course the person could be living in the best of conditions, but a person who has a lot of money and lives alone with bad health, is not wealthy when it comes to true wealth.

Wealth vs. true wealth

When we look at wealth vs. true wealth, we see a major difference between the two. While wealth seekers tend to isolate them self and hoard their money, being stingy and greedy, the seekers of true wealth are conscious about their fellow humans and tend to give without expecting anything in return.

The thing is, giving is more pleasing than getting. It may seem strange, especially to those that are not accustomed to giving on a regular basis, but the simple fact is that giving makes people more happy than getting.

A person can be considered poor in a financial sense, but when it comes to quality of live, he may be rich. When it comes to financial wealth, what is enough and when does poor stop and rich take over. Enough must be the amount of property or money that gives the individual a possibility to live on his income. A person that can pay the bills at the end of the month and doesn’t have to worry about the next paying day, has enough financial wealth.

Though flying in private jets, owning a football team or cruising on huge privet yachts, is probably quite fun, the point of the matter is simple. You don’t need it, though it might be fun.

The price of True wealth

True wealth can not be bought, but it can be given. The point of the matter is, that sometimes the best things in life are free.