What Is The Secret

What is the secret? can some knowledge that everyone can acquire, if they just look for it, be a secret. The awareness of some secret has been growing in the world and people have been wondering, what is the secret. But for those looking, just to confirm it, it is not a secret, but a knowledge that is readily available to all, if they just look for it?

Since Rhonda Byrne introduced the Law of Attraction in the film The Secret, people have been asking, what is the secret. Of course the film states it clearly, the Secret is the application of the Law of Attraction. The film has a drawback, but this drawback is also the reason The Secret caught on with the public. The Secret is something of a pop film. That is, the information and the setup is more focused on entertainment and being an introduction to the Law of Attraction than it being an actual manual on how to apply the Law of Attraction. This is all very good when it comes to the immense popularity of the film, as it made people aware of the secret and what power it holds. On the other hand, the information in The Secret was only scraping the surface and those who only read or watch the film, only get a part of the information needed to apply the Law of Attraction in a positive way.

So what is the secret

It is difficult to state when the phrase "the secret" came about, but the mentioning of the Law of Attraction is introduced in the writings of New Thought writers at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, men like Charles F. Haanel, Wallace D. Wattles, James Allen and Ralph Waldo Trine. In simple terms, the secret is the Law of Attraction and the Law of Attraction is the core of the present day self-help ideas that were introduced in the film, The Secret.

Brought to light by the New Thought movement at the end of the 19th century and into the 20th, the philosophy is much older. The ideas can be traced back to early Greek philosophers and through the ages thinkers have been discussing the subject. The thinkers of the New Thought movement found parallels in other religious material and some parts of the Bible can be related to this philosophy. Through the centuries this knowledge has been looked upon with skeptical eyes by the church and thus the active practice of it in public has been almost none existing. The knowledge managed to pass through the generations via various esoteric societies and organizations that managed to keep their practices away from the church. It's only following the enlightenment that this information starts to drift back into the public.

The energy around us

The idea, that you can get everything you wish for by visualization, is based on the theory that every single space in the universe is occupied with energy. A bit like your TV, where the picture is made out of thousands of dots taking on different colours to form the picture, except the universe is in 3D. This energy is controlled by thought and the humans, as thinking creatures, have a way of accessing this energy through their thinking. It is a scientific fact that our brain activity is controlled by electricity and this electricity can be measured outside of our head. It is therefor scientifically proven that we can transmit electricity. This has been debated with claims that our transmission is so low that it's impossible for us to gain the transmission strength necessary for us to be able to communicate or control anything. But this is different between individuals.

While some have strong sending powers, so to speak, others have them weak. This does not mean that some people will not be able to use their thinking to affect the energy around, on the contrary everyone can. The difference is that the ones with a strong sending power get their results sooner than the ones with the weak sending power. But it's not that the one with the weak sending power do not manage at all. The application of the Law of Attraction takes time and that's probably the biggest reason so many give up on it and consider it a hoax. Patience has long been a virtue, but not a practical thing among humans.

The positive thing in all of this, is that there are ways to train individuals to get a better connection with the cosmic energy field. The most practical way is to practice meditation. The mental attitude of the individual has a lot to say about the result, be it good or bad. A person in bad form with low esteem will most definitely get a negative result. Other forms of negative mental attitudes are common with people such as hatred, anger and envy. A calm and stable mind is necessary for the Law of Attraction to work.