True Wealth

True wealth is something most of us seek, but few of us really know what is. True wealth does include money, for those who wondered. But money is only one ingredient and not even a major one at that.

Then what is true wealth and how do we acquire it? The answer is not difficult, but it's an answer that many people find difficult to accept. The answer does not include a bunch of money. The money factor in true wealth is only minimal in the complete picture.

To be able to see the full picture and thus realize what true wealth is, you have to know few things before.

What Is The Secret

What is the secret? can some knowledge that everyone can acquire, if they just look for it, be a secret. The awareness of some secret has been growing in the world and people have been wondering, what is the secret. But for those looking, just to confirm it, it is not a secret, but a knowledge that is readily available to all, if they just look for it?

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