The Spoon, The Matrix and The Illusion

There is no spoon

One of the things that regularly pops up in my head, is the scene in the film The Matrix, when Neo is waiting for the Oracle. He encounters a little boy that bends spoons with his mind. This of course arouses the curiosity of Neo who wonders how the boy manages to bend the spoon. The boy replies simply with the remark;

Boy: Do not try to bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth.

Neo: What truth?

Boy: There is no spoon.

Neo: There is no spoon?

Boy: Then you’ll see that it’s not the spoon that bends, it’s only yourself.

This scene is straight to the core, what we see isn’t and at the same time everything is the same. This obviously brings forth the question – what is reality and how does it concern me?

If everything is energy and we emit energy, what then is our true reality? Can we in fact create our own by the way we think, or emit energy?

This is what I believe to be one of the ultimate questions, for if we can affect our reality by the way we use our thoughts, our sufferings are the result of our thoughts and our salvation therefore only possible through the use of our own thoughts.

So to change our reality, we should not think what is, but what we want. Our happiness being the thing most of us want, it should be no problem to achieve it, as it is only our own perception that defines our own happiness.