True Wealth, What Really Matters

We all seem to be seeking wealth of some sort, true wealth being the principal goal. Of course the money is a primary choice for most individuals, when it comes to describing wealth. But is that really something that we would call true wealth?

It’s a certain revelation, when one experiences an earthquake of 6,3 on the Richer scale, especially when one is only few kilometers away from the source. Seeing ones house move and half of the kitchen utensils fly out of the cupboard is something that actually makes a point.

After having got my family out and standing in the backyard looking at the house shake, the ground vibrating under ones feet and realizing that ones only worldly possessions not in the house being the car and the trampoline, one gets to think.

Standing there not knowing the situation inside the house, I realized I had no worry at all. I could loose all or nothing of my material possessions and there was nothing I could do about it. But it didn’t matter at all. All could be replaced. The only thing that was none replaceable was standing beside me, my family. And that is a revelation.

True wealth equals true value

The value of things is constantly changing, this I realized when the insurance company came to evaluate the damage. According to the insurance, my TV was insured, that is my five year old tube TV was to be replaced by a five year old tube TV and if I could not find one, my compensation would never cover half of the cost of a new one. So what is the real value of a TV and does it actually matter one way or the other.

When it comes to true value of things, each individual seems to have a different idea about it. The only thing that is certain, is that these things can be replaced.

Your family is a completely different matter. Can you put a value on it, does it have a price? If you can find a price, then can you replace it?

No of course not. There is no way to put a price on ones family it’s truly priceless and none replaceable. Loosing it means loosing a part of your self, a none redeemable part.

The myth of true wealth

We have been made to believe that money is fundamental to our survival. True, it matters when it comes to quality of life and getting the bare necessities. But it is not something we have to loose our head over if we don’t have it.

There is a lot of people who have lost all or big part of their possessions after 2008, but that does not mean that they can not survive the situation.

The truth is, most of us can if we put our mind to it. I’m not saying things are not difficult, they may well be, but the point I want to make is, that we can overcome all these things with time.

That we’ve been told that we will be judged by our worldly possession is just a myth. What matters is how we react to difficulties and how we treat the people around us.

Claim your true wealth

Every day is special and you should treat it as such. When it comes to giving to your family, toys and trinkets are all very well, but love is what most of us appreciates the most. This is the best gift we can give any person and the beauty of it is that it’s absolutely free and of unlimited quantities.

Your kid might remember when you gave him this or that, but the best memories will be of the time when you gave him some attention. Spent some time with him, read books and cared about what it did. The same goes for you husband or wife. Saying “I love you” and giving a hug beats any diamond ring, any time.

True wealth does not reside in any recyclable item, but in the people you love.