What Is Reality

What is reality

When we look at Questions with a big Q, the question, "what is reality" is probably the first one that pops up in mind. It's probably the one question that most of us have been asking, in one way or another.

From the skeptics point of view, we're probably talking about the pain we feel when we fall of our motorcycle. Or something similar. But is that reality, or is reality something completely different.

Of course you can't look past the effects of falling of your motorcycle, it's definitely painful, especially if you've been twisting the injection. But is that pain a sign of reality or is it something else. Does reality have to be painful at all?

In the years before the crash of 2008, Icelanders got their share of flashy neo-rich. We were drowning in private jets and one even got Elton John to sing at his birthday party. Those who considered them self down to earth or responsible citizens would often look at those individuals and utter out the phrase; "They're not in touch with reality".

But where they, not in touch with reality?

Actually I've been wondering about that and frankly, I can't agree. In my view, they can easily have been in touch with reality. That is, their reality.

I for one wonder what is meant by "not being in touch with reality". What is not being in touch with reality and what is reality anyway?

Those who favor this phrase, quite often come from an average middle class family and have average jobs, living average lives. So by that standard, reality is average. Or something close to that.

Reality is thus going to work, worrying about your mortgage or how you're going to do in the next round of promotions at work. That sounds rather average, I guess.

But what then about the person that lives in the street. The one that has no job, no mortgage and is definitely not wondering about the next promotion package. He must be out of touch with reality as well.

In my view there is no single right reality. Instead we are looking at multiple realities floating around at the same time. It's all related to our perception of life. How we see, feel and experience life and what is around us.

And that brings up the point that I've been wandering about the past years. That reality is at the best, relative. That we are the ones that have everything to say about how we experience it and thus, with the freedom to think, are the makers of our own reality.

Of course we can always find our self in a situation that is maybe not completely in line with the reality we want, but the outcome of that situation is, by my definition, totally based on our view of reality and the control we have over it.

Of course we can say a lot about belief and some even refuse to belief in the idea of believing. But from my standpoint, I believe that we choose our reality by the way we think and behave. We are the ones who choose our reality, consciously or not.

So to answer the question "what is reality" I would say that reality is what you make of it your self. It's all based on your own thoughts and attitudes towards things and individuals around you. So if you don't like it, change.

Image: Idea go / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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